Mister Bo's fabric world 

Mr. Bo is a little bigger than an ant and a little smaller than a bear ....

.... he is very nice, a little funny and he is not a superhero.

He has his limits. Like all of us. However in one thing he resembles a superhero: he never gets discouraged. He does not walk only with his legs, but also with his eyes. Having a friend like Mr. Bo makes the difference. He goes from one discovery to another. It doesn't matter that his goal is not reachable, it matters the journey he is making. With his sympathy he always manages to find the positive side in every situation.

It amuses us, makes us reflect and find the rhythms of the day. A small ritual before going to sleep to elaborate daily life and with "Goodnight Mr. Bo" ends the day.

Dove vai Signor Bo?

Mr. Bo and the rainbow

First episode of "Mr. Bo's Adventures"

8 pages bound and sewn by hand

The cloth book is accompanied by the paper story of the same name,

for an adult reading aloud.

Padding 100% hypo-allergenic corn fiber.


Design and manufacture from "leCarlotte"

for info and customizations contact for whatsapp

+39 334 1314404