l'imprinting*: Reading = Pleasure, Parents' love

The first thousand days of life are fundamental for our development. The initial encounter with books should take place during this time. “Storysewing” books are a perfect introduction to reading.

“Storysewing” books contain little stories that children can relate to. The main themes are friendship, discovery, daily routine, growing up and small rituals. “Storysewing “ books are made entirely of fabric.  They are soft and easy to handle. These books can be bitten, hugged and felt with the whole body, allowing children to interact joyfully with them. This sensory reading experience creates a pleasant experience that children will associate with books.  

* Imprinting is a rapid learning process that takes place early in the life of a social animal. In ethology  and psychology it describes a form of early learning that is irreversible. This concept is perfectly adaptable to the journey of reading.