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Cycle of artistic and educational workshops in which each child can experiment and learn while having fun.
Children discover the world around them by assimilating data through their sensory receptors: hearing, sight, touch; all channels are open and ready to store information.
At the beginning of one's life the sense of touch is the one that - before others - enables us to enter into a relationship with the world.
Tactile education should accompany image education to broaden the field of knowledge.
The association offers a workshop aimed at the development of tactile awareness, the layering of emotions related to the discovery of different materials capable of stimulating a child's curiosity and imagination.
"Touch and learn" is a project aimed at the development of manual skills and expressive abilities, a means of enriching that alphabet of emotions which children will use during their growth and even after.

Having fun and playing, the kids approach the world of books and prepare themselves for listening and reading.


0-36 months


3 - 6 years |  cell & whatsapp +39 334 1314404

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