Mister Bo's fabric world 

Mister Bo is a little bigger than an ant and a little smaller than a bear....
But how big is this Mister Bo really? ....
We do not know. What we know for certain is that he is very friendly, a bit funny and definitely not the prototype of a superhero. He has his limits. Like all of us for that matter.
On second thoughts he does resemble a superhero in one thing: he is not easily discouraged. He is always looking for a solution to problems.
Having a friend like Mister Bo can make a difference. He lets you into his little world and introduces you to his friends.
Small frustrations become a source of new discoveries and some apparent failure turns into an opportunity for a new game.
His curiosity and his enthusiasm often lead him to desire the undesirable. Such as playing on a rainbow.
But it matters little that his dream is destined not to be realised. What does matter is that our little hero seeks ways and means to overcome difficulties. With his charm he is always able to find the bright side in every situation. He amuses us, he makes us reflect and rediscover our daily rhythms. A small ritual before going to sleep to process daily life and bidding "Good night Mister Bo" concludes the day.

Cover del libro tattile di stoffa "Mister Bo and the rainbow"- in copertina arcobaleno colorato fatto con tanti pezzi di stoffa con su una nuvola da dove spunta Signor Bo- su un'altra nuvola coccinellina